Chalazion Removal

What is a chalazion?

A chalazion is a lump arising on the eyelid due to a blockage in one of the oil producing glands on the lid margin.  It can become infected.  In severe cases it can cause an infection of the lid or beyond and rarely, the infection can terack back to the optic nerve, reducing vision.

How can I treat a chalazion?

Most chalazia disappear by themselves.  Using heat pads and massaging the lump will help the oil discharge and the lump to resolve.

What can be done if heat pad and massage does not help?

A simple clinic procedure called an incision and curettage can be performed under a local anaesthetic to remove the lump.  A biopsy of the lump may need to be taken if there is a doubt that this may not be a chalazion.

What else could it be?

A chalazion could resemble other benign or malignant lid lumps.  Mr Das-Bhaumik will perform a thorough examination before operating.  He is careful to ensure that tumours are not missed.

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Complications and problems after chalazion removal are very rare and as eye surgeons, we are very careful to avoid them.  We like you to be fully aware of these before undergoing surgery.

Contact Mr Das-Bhaumik’s team immediately on 07887 387 000 or 020 7127 8100 if excessive swelling, bruising, discomfort occurs or a discharge is seen.  Alternatively, Moorfields has a 24-hour A&E where he is an emergency consultant, and they know to contact Mr Das-Bhaumik if any of his patients attend


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