Entropion Surgery
(correction of eyelids that are turning in)

What is entropion of the eyelids?

Entropion means “to turn in”. It is a common condition which can occur with age or can be associated with underlying medical conditions. Lower lid entropion is common in the west. Upper and lower lids can turn inwards as a result of infection, trauma or underlying medical conditions. It is best investigated and treated by an eye surgeon who specialise in plastic surgery of the eyes (oculoplastic surgeon).

It can be treated with a small surgical procedure to achieve an excellent aesthetic outcome to the lids whilst performing the safest possible surgery. It is usually performed under local anaesthetic with sedation if required. A general anaesthetic is not usually needed. It can be performed with a blepharoplasty if there is also excess tissue present, in a combined blepharoplasty/entropion procedure.

What can an entropion lead to?

Constant rubbing of the in turning lashes on the eye can lead to redness and irritation. If the lashes rub on the cornea (clear window of the eye), it can lead to a scratch (abrasion) which can become infected and ulcerate. In severe cases the eye can perforate and lead to loss of sight.

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Complications and problems after entropion surgery are very rare and as eye surgeons, we are very careful to avoid them.  We like you to be fully aware of these before undergoing surgery.

Contact Mr Das-Bhaumik’s team immediately on 07887 387 000 or 020 7127 8100 if excessive swelling, bruising, discomfort occurs or a discharge is seen.  Alternatively, Moorfields has a 24-hour A&E where he is an emergency consultant, and they know to contact Mr Das-Bhaumik if any of his patients attend


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